I like everything in my house to be practical yet pretty and have created some templates using an app called Canva. These templates were designed to assist our family with overcoming some of the challenges that come with raising a Toddler. Feel free to download any of these resources by clicking on the below links.

You will need to create a Canva account in order to edit and download. If you need any help amending them to suit your style/routine, please feel free to reach out.

Bedtime Routine Template

Bedtime routines can be difficult with Toddlers...try out this template to make the process a little easier and more fun for your little one.

There are two versions that you can amend in Canva to suit your own routine. Once updated you can download, print, laminate, cut, and add magnets or velcro dots.

Enjoy a happier bedtime routine!

Bedtime Routine Template

Valentine's Day Card

Does your child want to make a Valentine's Day card for someone but you don't have time to do an arts & crafts activity?

Just simply download this card, print and give your child some colouring in pencils, crayons or pens & you've got yourself a 30 minute activity.

Once they've finished colouring in, fold the card in half, write a message on the inside, and if you want to get really fancy, you can even put it in an envelope.

You're welcome!

Valentine's Day Card Template