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APRIL NOR Mums & Bubs Paint & Sip Workshop

APRIL NOR Mums & Bubs Paint & Sip Workshop

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This Mums & Bubs Paint & Sip workshop is designed to help you relax, unwind, and socialise.  Treating yourself to two hours of creativity, focusing on something that isn't the repetitive cycle of motherhood. It is recommended that Bub is under the age of one or before they are on the move. 

You will be painting a 20cm personalised door sign for your little one's nursery in a choice of colours. Jenna will pre-arrange your bub's name to be printed in white acrylic, giving the name a 3D effect which will be glued onto your door sign towards the end of the workshop. You have 4 designs to choose between: a Rainbow, Terrazzo, Sun or a Gumleaf design. Your ticket includes a shared grazing box and a cup of coffee (of your choice).

If you have twins, or have a child at home who would also like a painted door sign, you can add an extra painting to your order. Please bear in mind that as the workshop is only a short timeframe, Jenna Rose may need to assist you to complete these paintings during the allocated timeframe. 

Please Note: Refunds/Transfers cannot be provided within 10 days of the workshop due to personalised materials/catering orders with third party suppliers. This means that if you or your little one is unwell on the day of the workshop, all I can do is paint your name sign on your behalf. 

If you wish to complete your own design you totally can, just be mindful that my time is shared across 14 Mums completing various designs in multiple colours so my assistance will be limited and you will need to manage your time accordingly. 

Feel free to check out my gallery of workshop designs that have been completed by other creative Mums during my workshops.

Once you have purchased your ticket, click on the "Register your Details Here" link on this page so that I know can confirm your coffee order and the spelling of your bub's name. Alternatively, you can use the link below.

WHEN: Wednesday 24th April 2024

TIME: 10am - 12pm

WHERE: Tuart Hill Community Centre, Corner of Cape & Stoneham Streets

The first year of Bub's life goes so quickly, so how special would it be to make him/her a memorable art piece, handmade by his/her Mum with a special message on the back for him/her to read in years to come. 

Please email if you have any questions. 

What's included

Tickets include a coffee of your choice from a local cafe, a shared grazing box from local business 'Little Baker Mum' and everything you need to create a beautiful painting on one of Jenna Rose Design's 20cm round wooden door signs (design shown in picture on the left). 

The venue is Bub friendly, with plenty of space and time to attend to your little ones needs during the creative process, allowing you plenty of flexibility. 

Things to know

You don’t need to know a thing about how to paint; everything will be shown during the workshop. Just come along with an open, creative mind ready to mingle. There is plenty of space and time to attend to your little ones needs during the creative process, allowing you plenty of flexibility. 

It is recommended that you wear clothes that you do not mind getting dirty as it's not guaranteed that you will not get paint on your clothing. 


As a Mum, its important to take time out for yourself, and believe it or not, painting actually has so many benefits:  

- Painting builds your problem-solving skills

- Painting supports your emotional wellbeing

- Improves memory and concentration

- Painting can develop communication skills

- Spending time painting relieves stress

- You can practice mindfulness through painting

Who knows - you might even find your new hobby! 

Terms & Conditions

Jenna Rose Designs can only provide a full refund when the notice provided is at least ten (10) days. 

If you find yourself unable to attend within 10 days of the workshop, you can give or gift your ticket to another recipient. Please email if you need to cancel or transfer your ticket to someone else. 

Jenna Rose Designs takes no responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of your child.

Jenna Rose Designs takes no responsibility for any damage made to your clothing during the creative process. 

Group size must be at least 7 people in order for the workshop to go ahead. In the case that numbers are not met, you will have the option for a full refund or a transfer to my next workshop.

In the event that a participant is contracted or is in close contact with someone with COVID-19, please refer to the above. When you book at Jenna Rose Designs, you agree to these terms.

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